Community Outreach  & Participation

Education and Awareness 

Belize Karst Habitat Conservation (BKHC) is committed to fostering environmental awareness and contributing to the well-being of both our natural habitats and surrounding communities. Through Education and Awareness initiatives, coupled with our Community Outreach and Participation Program, we aim to cultivate a generation of empowered youth who actively engage in roles as conservation leaders within their communities and the broader environment.

Our dedicated team employs a multifaceted approach, creating a crucial link between conservation and education. This is achieved through a variety of activities including school visits, community and stakeholder engagement, establishing collaborations, conducting awareness campaigns, and implementing educational programs.

School Visits

BKHC actively engages with schools, bringing the wonders of nature directly to the classroom by fostering impactful conversations and immersive experiences. The focus is placed on crucial topics such as the value of protected areas, the importance of ecosystem services, conservation targets, threatened species, and the impact of climate change on our environment.

We recognize that to create a new culture of conservation and love for the environment, the best place to start is by educating the future generation. By nurturing a generation that not only appreciates but actively contributes to the preservation of the environment, we believe in sowing the seeds for a sustainable and harmonious coexistence between humanity and the natural world. 

Community Outreach and Participation Program

In pursuit of the continued protection of TMNR’s biodiversity, the active involvement of community stakeholders is necessary. BKHC’s Community Outreach and Participation Program aims to establish a relationship between TMNR and its buffering communities by ensuring community members are informed and engaged stewards of Tapir Mountain.

Moreover, BKHC is committed to gaining a deeper understanding of these communities and their needs. This involves exploring ways to enhance their lives and well-being through collaborative and sustainable initiatives. Our approach includes improving their understanding of climate change, fostering resilience, and empowering them to proactively address the challenges posed by environmental shifts. Additionally, we aim to mitigate negative impacts on TMNR by providing opportunities for alternative livelihoods through developing technical skills and fostering entrepreneurial initiatives, creating a model for income earning and livelihoods that align with conservation principles. Through these socio-economic benefits, we aim to establish a harmonious balance between the prosperity of our communities and the preservation of TMNR.

Awareness Campaigns

At BKHC, we recognize the importance of raising awareness not only within our buffer communities but also on a global scale. While our primary focus is on engaging with and empowering our buffer communities, it is equally vital to share the beauty and significance of TMNR with the world.

We actively participate in a diverse array of events, ensuring that the magnificence of TMNR is showcased to a wider audience. Through these campaigns, we strive to not only inform but also instill a sense of appreciation and responsibility towards the preservation of this unique natural habitat.

By fostering a sense of shared responsibility and understanding, we aim to garner support for the conservation of Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve and inspire a collective commitment to safeguarding our planet’s natural treasures.

Educational Programs

Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve (TMNR) holds the esteemed classification as a nature reserve, a designation that reflects its significance as a pristine and ecologically valuable area. A nature reserve is characterized by stringent protection measures, where the only activities permitted are education and research. This highlighting TMNR’s role as a living laboratory for the advancement of knowledge and the nurturing of environmental awareness. In adherence to these regulations, BKHC takes pride in facilitating educational visits, bringing students into the heart of TMNR to experience its wonders firsthand.

TMNR becomes a classroom without walls, where students can delve into the mysteries of nature, learn about its intricacies, and contribute to the ongoing efforts to protect and preserve this remarkable natural treasure. Educational trails within the reserve provide a captivating platform for learning about the diverse flora and fauna that call TMNR home. Activities such as birdwatching give students the opportunity to observe and appreciate the rich avian biodiversity. The use of camera trapping adds an exciting dimension, allowing them to witness the elusive wildlife that inhabits the reserve, contributing to their understanding of the delicate ecological balance maintained within.